Lilongwe, Malawi

ChilingulosNewton Chilingulo served with our church, first as a pastoral lilongwe mapintern, then as a pastor, for a few years after he graduated from seminary. He is originally from Malawi, and he had a burden to serve as a pastor in the country of his birth. Living Hope sent out Newton and his wife, Vanessa, as church planting missionaries in 2014. Newton is now pastoring Reformation Bible Church in Lilongwe, Malawi.

We are very, very encouraged by how God is at work through RBC logo Transparentthe Chilingulos and Reformation Bible Church! God’s Word is being faithfully preached. Men and women are being discipled and are growing spiritually. Evangelism is taking place through multiple  avenues, and God has used the ministry of RBC Teamthis church to bring people to saving faith. The Lord has provided Reformation Bible Church with godly men to serve in leadership alongside Newton, as well as a core group of lay people who are serving faithfully in the church. There is much to praise God for!

Living Hope is seeking to be an ongoing encouragement to the Chilingulos and Reformation Bible Church. We contribute towards the Chilingulos’ ministry support, and we send people to serve with this ministry in a variety of ways short-term.

For information on how you can give towards this ministry, please click here.

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