Baptism & Membership


We believe baptism is commanded by God and is an important “first step” in the Christian life: a public declaration that you have been saved by Jesus and are committed to following Him with your life. We teach Baptism classes every year covering what baptism is and is not. We ask everyone we baptise to go through our church membership process as well (see below).

Church Membership:

We believe committed, active participation in a local church is a vital part of the Christian life; not only because it is God’s design to bless us and help us in our Christian life through the ministry and community of a local church, but also because God calls every Christian to play a role in the local church – for the good of our brothers and sisters in the Lord, for the spreading of the gospel, and for His glory. We encourage every Christian to commit themselves to a biblical local church through becoming a member of that church.

Our aim at Living Hope Church is to have “meaningful Church Membership,” in which every member is involved in the life of the church in the ways God calls us to in His Word. We want every member to be committed to the church community and the ministry of the church, and we want our church community and church leaders to be committed to each and every member.

Our Membership process includes:

– Church Membership Class covering the nature of the church, what we teach at Living Hope, and our Membership Commitments (offered several times a year, on a Saturday).

– Baptism Class covering what baptism is and is not (offered several times a year, on a Saturday). For those who have not been baptised since coming to faith in Jesus Christ.
– Fill out a Membership Application and sign the Living Hope Membership Commitments
– Be interviewed by our church elders
– Be baptised at one of our Baptism Services (for those who have not been baptised since coming to faith in Jesus Christ)
– Be welcomed into the membership of our church during a Sunday Worship Service