Living Hope can’t do what we do as a church without our members pro-actively seeking to play a role in helping the church and her ministries function well…

Living Hope Church Service Teams:

We ask all our members to serve faithfully on a Service Team. Our Service Teams help with a wide variety of things that help our church function: children’s ministry and childcare, music, set-up and tear-down for worship services, transport, greeting, sound, projection, printing, running our resource table, serving refreshments at our worship services, following up with visitors, leading our Gospel Community groups, leading outreaches, leading other ministries, etc, etc. Service team opportunities are only open to members of the church.

A few simple, “unofficial” ways everyone can help Living Hope Church function well:

  • Share the good news of the gospel with someone who is not a Christian
  • Greet people at church with warmth. Talk to people and get to know them.
  • Meet new visitors and help them feel welcome
  • Attend a Gospel Community Group faithfully and get to know everyone in the group well
  • Pray for the ministry of the church, and pray for people in the church
  • Bring food to contribute to the monthly all-church meal and communion service
  • Invite people into your home and spend time together
  • Contribute non-perishable food (mielie meal, canned food, etc) towards the deacons’ fund for people in need
  • Call, SMS, or visit someone who needs encouragement
  • Is there anything you can do to help meet the needs of someone in the church?
  • Call, SMS, or visit someone you haven’t seen at church in a while
  • Meet with someone to pray together
  • Read through a good Christian book (or a book of the Bible) with someone
  • Give towards the church offering regularly (as you are able)
  • Keep your eyes open for little things that can be done and meet those needs when you can
  • Help clean-up and move furniture back to where it belongs after communion services
  • Etc…

Regular Local Evangelism Opportunities:

For information about regular local outreach opportunities, please click here.

Volunteer at Muphamuzi Baby Home: 

Muphamuzi Baby Home is a place of safety for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies. If you are interested in volunteering with this ministry or making donations towards it, please click here for more information.

Opportunities to Give:

For information about how you can give towards the ministry of Living Hope Church or towards ministries we partner with, please click here.