Books by our Pastors and Former Pastors

Our goal is to help you become more equipped in understanding God’s Word and helping other’s to do the same. The books featured below can help you to change and to be a blessing to others as you seek to grow and disciple each other.

Compassion Booklet

COMPASSION by Joshua Mack

Compassion is the emotion most frequently attributed to Jesus in the Gospels. But compassion is more than an emotion—it is a God-centered, God-inspired way of looking at the world with love. Compassion isn’t optional! Using Jesus and Paul as examples, Joshua Mack gives practical starting points for treating others as God desires, being compassionate without sacrificing truth.

fight to the death

A FIGHT TO THE DEATH by Wayne Mack with Joshua Mack

Too few Christians are aware that they are in a fight to the death! Mack explores the seriousness of sin and where it will lead us. He also shows the necessity of fighting against it and presents a biblical method of killing the sin within us.


COURAGE : Fighting fear with fear by Wayne Mack with Joshua Mack

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells us to fear God, but our lives show where our true fears lie. Sinful, controlling fear cripples us spiritually: we’re afraid to obey or trust God, and we worry more about what others think of us than what God thinks. Throw off the covers and embrace the fear that is good for you—the fear of God that will give you true courage in every situation. This book can be used for individual growth and development, for group study, or for homework assignments for those in counseling.


HUMILITY: A Forgotten Virtue by Wayne Mack with Joshua Mack

Most sins turn us away from God, but pride is a direct attack upon God. It lifts our hearts above him and against him. Pride seeks to dethrone God and enthrone itself. How can Christians fight against this sin and develop genuine humility? In this helpful book, Wayne Mack guides readers through Scripture and shows us how we can take steps to develop humility and diminish the destructive pride in our lives. Readers will find here a resource that is practical, well illustrated, and relevant to their lives.

GOD’S SOLUTIONS TO LIFE’S PROBLEMS: Radical Change by the Power of God by Wayne Mack & Joshua Mack

Where can we possibly find unfailing answers to our problems? Not in ourselves. Not in the world. Only God can diagnose our condition and equip us for real, lasting change. Wayne and Joshua Mack show how we can flee temptation, break free of sin, and live our lives as overcomers. This book can be used for individual growth, for group study, or for homework assignments for those in counseling.



Whether enslaved to raging masters like drugs or alcohol or hidden destroyers like internet porn or food obsessions, the exhausted addict knows the relentless torture of striving to break free only to fail time after time. How does this mad rush toward destruction end? With compelling illustrations and down-to-earth language, Alan Lester shares compassionate, candid, and biblical strategies to help addicts embrace the Savior’s life-renewing grace and hurl aside the chains of destruction.


HURTING IN HOPE: Mom Has Died by Alan Lester

From the depths of agony and loss, Pastor Alan Lester has penned a message of hope and healing to a hurting world. Because he has recently walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with his beloved wife and helped his children do the same, he is now able to speak both personally and practically with a passion born of grief and sorrow. Hurting in Hope: Mom Has Died is a book of ever-deepening faith, which will both bless and challenge you—and one you will not soon forget.

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