Sunday Worship Service: Our weekly worship services include prayer, Bible reading, singing together, and a sermon taught from the Bible and time for fellowship. 13:30-15:00 every Sunday.

Resource Table: Resources such as sermons and books can be purchased/borrowed from our Resource Table. Our Resource Table is open before and after our weekly Sunday Worship Service.

Monthly All-Church Meal and Communion Service: Once a month, following our usual Sunday Worship Service, we meet at a church member’s home to eat together, sing together, enjoy devotional teaching about Jesus and what He has accomplished for us, and remember Jesus’ death on our behalf by taking communion together. Though taking communion is reserved for Christians, everyone is welcome to attend the meal and service. Transport and childcare are provided. 16:00 – 19:00, one Sunday per month (usually the 3rd Sunday of the month, but not always).

Gospel Community Groups: Gospel Community Groups are smaller groups (6-15 people) within the church that meet during the week for the purpose of helping each other apply God’s Word to our lives, caring for each other in prayer, counsel, and practical ways, and living life together as a family in Christ. These groups either meet weekly or once every 2 weeks, and they have a meal together about once a month. We have groups in Sunnyside, Capital Park, Arcadia, Salvokop, Hatfield, and Faerie Glen. Our desire is for every member of our church to be an active part of one of these groups! Visitors are welcome! For more information about these groups, please click here.

Creche: For children aged 1-2, during the Sunday Worship Service. Children may be dropped off at the creche after the time of announcements is completed in the Worship Service.

Children’s Sunday School: For children aged 3-5, during the Sunday Worship Service. These children are invited to join the Sunday School class after the time of announcements is completed in the Worship Service.

Ladies’ Bible Studies: Ladies’ Bible Studies meet most Tuesday mornings, 10am- 12noon. Transport and childcare are provided. Please contact Marda: 079 884 4641 for more information.

Young Adults: Monthly Events. For more information, please contact Blake Scheideman at 074 694 2998

Food Donations: If you would like to help people in financial need, please consider buying some extra non-perishable food (canned food, mielie meal, etc) to donate towards our deacon ministry. The donation box will be at church every Sunday, near the entrance to the church. You may also drop off food donations at your Gospel Community Group during the week.

African Bible Training Centre: The African Bible Training Centre (ABTC) provides a course in which students receive an overview of the entire Bible, learn how to read and enjoy the Scriptures, and are equipped to apply it to their lives and serve others in their local church. Once a month on a Saturday. Visit

Muphamuzi Baby Home: Muphamuzi Baby Home is a place of safety for orphaned and abandoned babies. This home is run by 1Hope4Africa, a non-profit organization that is closely tied to Living Hope Church, and most of the staff are members of Living Hope. If you would like to volunteer in the Home (child care and chores), or would like to help with maintenance/ building projects on the property, please contact Britt Makhanya at 084 669 7062

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