Key Areas of Church Life

There are a number of ways you can get involved at Living Hope Church. In particular though, we encourage everyone to participate in these 3 key areas of church life:

1.) Regular All-Church gatherings on Sundays:

Sunday Worship Service: Our weekly worship service includes prayer, Bible reading, singing together, and a sermon taught from the Bible. Once a month, we also take communion together. 10:30am every Sunday.

Baptism Services: Several times a year we have a Baptism Service, usually following our Sunday Worship Service. We hear salvation testimonies and witness the baptisms of new Christians, often followed by sharing a meal together. Everyone is welcome to attend these meals and services.

2.) Gospel Community Groups:

Gospel Community Groups are smaller groups (6-15 people) within the church that meet during the week for the purpose of helping each other apply God’s Word to our lives, caring for each other in prayer, counsel, and practical ways, and living life together as family in Christ.  These groups meet weekly on various days during the week based on their location. We have groups in Capital Park, Faerie Glen, Hatfield, Monument Park, Muckleneuk, and Sunnyside. Our desire is for every member of our church to be an active part of one of these groups! Visitors are very welcome! For more information about these groups, please click here.

3.) Discipleship Relationships / Biblical Friendships:

These are intentional relationships in which people (men with men, and women with women) meet regularly with each other for the purpose of learning more about following Jesus in the details of everyday life, holding each other accountable to honouring Jesus, and encouraging and praying for each other specifically.

We would love for everyone in our church to pursue discipleship relationships in both of these categories:

(1) Discipleship Relationships that help you grow (learning from someone who is more mature in their walk with God is ideal, if possible, or at least meeting with a peer so you can encourage each other).

(2) Discipleship Relationships that provide you the opportunity to help someone else grow (meeting with a younger/ newer Christian than you and helping them in their walk with God, or meeting with a peer to encourage each other).

There are many ways you can pursue and develop relationships like this! Click here for a few ideas of ways you can  spend time with people within our church and get to know them on a deeper level.