All-Church Events

We have several all-church events each year:

Easter Celebration:

On either Good Friday or Easter Sunday (depending on the year), we enjoy a nice meal together in celebration of Jesus dying for us and rising from the dead.

All-Church Fun Day: 

This is a great time of enjoying each other and having fun together! Our All-Church Fun Days include a variety of games and activities for both adults and children, and some for adults and children, together. Gospel Community Groups compete against each other, and the Salvokop Gospel Community Group has been victorious two years in a row!  These Fun Days are usually held some time between June and August.

Fun Day volleyball     Fun Day champions

Fun Day CPCC      Fund Day kids

Fun Day all

Christmas Celebration:

At our annual Christmas Celebration we share a meal with foods from the many different cultures in our church, and we sing together and enjoy Scripture readings and special music together. Our Christmas Celebrations are usually held on a weekend during the first half of December.