Courses, Seminars, and Conferences


  • Church Membership Classes: We offer this course four times a year, on a Saturday. This course seeks to paint a biblical picture of how the local church fits into God’s big plan for the world, what a healthy church looks like, and how (and why) all Christians should be involved in a local church. This class also gives an overview of what Living Hope Church teaches. For more information, please click here.
  • African Bible Training Centre: African Bible Training Centre classes will help you grow in understanding and enjoying the Scriptures, and equip you to apply the Bible to your life and in ministry to others. There are 2 courses, each running for 1 year:
    • The Biblical Theology course gives an overview of every book of the Bible, and helps you understand how the books of the Bible fit together.
    • The Systematic Theology course covers what the Bible teaches about key subjects (doctrines).
  • The Practical Theology seminars meet 4 times per year for a full Saturday.  Various topics will be discussed at each session.  These topics may include marriage, family, parenting, singleness, friendships, finances, conflict resolution, etc. For more information, please click here.

We recommend the following local conferences: