Worship Services

Weekly Sunday Worship Service:

Our weekly Sunday Worship Services begin at 10:30 am at 327 Hilda Street in Hatfield.  (You will find us meeting on the left-hand side of the building of Saint Columbus Presbyterian church, whom we rent the building from).  Our service time includes prayer, Bible reading, singing together, and a sermon taught from the Bible.

During our Sunday Worship Service there is a Creche for children aged 1-2, and a Children’s Church for children aged 3-5. The children are invited to join the Creche and Children’s Church after the singing time, or they are welcome to stay in the service with you.

Transport is provided to and from church whenever possible. For information about the pick-up times and pick-up/ drop-off points for our church mini-bus, please click here.

Baptism Services:

We hold baptism services about twice a year. We sing together and give thanks to God together as we celebrate the baptisms of new believers in Jesus Christ.  Each person being baptised gives testimony to how God brought them to genuine sorrow over their sin and to faith in Jesus alone as their Saviour.