Worship Services

Weekly Sunday Worship Service:

Our weekly Sunday Worship Services include prayer, Bible reading, singing together, and a sermon taught from the Bible. During the last 15 minutes of our Worship Service, we may spend some time together in prayer, take communion together, or take a few minutes for anyone from the congregation to ask the preacher any questions they may have about what was taught and how it applies to their life. 12:30pm every Sunday.

During our Sunday Worship Service there is a Creche for children aged 0-1, and a Children’s Church for children aged 2-4 . The children are invited to join the creche and Children’s Church after the time of announcements is completed in the Worship Service.

Transport is provided to and from church. For information about the pick-up times and pick-up/ drop-off points for our church mini-bus, please click here.

Monthly All-Church Meal and Communion Service:

Once a month, following our usual Sunday Worship Service, we enjoy a meal together, sing together, enjoy a devotional teaching about Jesus and what He has accomplished for us, and remember His death on our behalf by taking communion together. Though taking communion is reserved for born-again Christians, everyone is welcome to attend the meal and service. Childcare is provided. 15:00 – 17:00, one Sunday per month (usually the 1st Sunday of the month, but not always. Please click here to see our church calendar.).

Baptism Services:

We hold baptism services about twice a year. We eat together, sing together, and give thanks to God together as we celebrate the baptisms of new believers in Jesus Christ. Each person being baptised gives testimony to how God brought them to genuine sorrow over their sin and to faith in Jesus alone as their Saviour.