ACBC Africa Conference

From 3-6 August, ACBC Africa will host their second annual conference at Lynnwood Baptist Church, Pretoria. The conference this year will focus on the core theological theme of Counseling and the Sufficiency of Scripture. We encourage everyone to attend as much of this conference as possible! We trust you will find it very helpful in … More ACBC Africa Conference

God’s Right

It is difficult to go anywhere good in your relationship with God until you recognize that He really is God. In other words, He’s not you. You are a creature. He is the Creator. And there is a difference between the two. Perhaps one theological word that really helps us get an idea of what it means … More God’s Right

What does a Spirit filled church look like?

What does a Spirit filled church look like? In Ephesians 5:19-21 Paul gives several characteristics of the Spirit-filled church. The phrases in this passage describe very specifically what it looks like for the Spirit to fill us. First, Paul says that when the Spirit fills us, “we are going to address one another in psalms … More What does a Spirit filled church look like?