Project Timothy

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“…you know Timothy’s proven worth,

how as a son with a father he has served with me in the gospel.”

~ Philippians 2:22


Project Timothy gets its name from the young man the Apostle Paul discipled and mentored for pastoral ministry. We believe that healthy local churches are God’s primary means for reaching, saving, and transforming people, and we believe churches will only be healthy when they are led by godly men who are qualified and well equipped for pastoral ministry; in character, knowledge, wisdom, and ministry skills. While we value seminary education, we believe the classroom alone cannot provide holistic preparation for pastoral ministry. Project Timothy is a comprehensive, church-centred program that seeks to mentor godly men from Africa for biblically faithful, effective pastoral ministry, so that more healthy churches are planted and existing churches are strengthened, for the saving of the lost, the maturing of believers, and the glory of God… Living Hope considers this a key part of our mission as a church.

What Project Timothy Provides Participants:

  • Academic Education
  • Personal Discipleship
  • Varied Opportunities for Ministry Observation & Ministry Experience
  • Mentoring in Pastoral Ministry
  • Help in discerning, and moving towards, longer-term vocational ministry

Current Project Timothy Participants:

NickNickson Pasipanodya is originally from Murehwa, near Harare, Zimbabwe. He has been a part of Living Hope since the church began in October, 2009. Nickson is married to Esther (since 2008), and they have 1 daughter and 2 sons. He is a graduate of Christ Seminary (2015), and now serves as a pastor/ elder at Living Hope Church. Lord willing, Nickson and his family will move to Harare, Zimbabwe at the end of 2018 to plant a church there. For more information about this church-planting vision, please click here.

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