Harare, Zimbabwe

Lord willing, Living Hope Church will send Nickson and Esther Pasipanodya out as church-planting missionaries to Harare, Zimbabwe in December 2018

Harare mapAbout Harare, Zimbabwe:

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe, with a population of about 1.6 million people in the city itself, and a further 1.2 million people in the greater Harare metropolitan area. There are very few Bible-teaching churches in the city, and only 1 that we know of in the South of the city. Faithful, biblical churches are even rarer in the rural areas in the surrounding region. The Prosperity Gospel and syncretism between Christianity and African Traditional Religion are both very widespread. Most Zimbabweans consider themselves Christian, but few know and believe the biblical gospel.

Ministry Vision:

Nickson will seek to plant a new, Bible-teaching church in the South of Harare. He also desires to teach Biblical Counselling, and to be very intentional about providing encouragement and training opportunities for pastors in the city and the surrounding rural areas. We are thankful to have two Bible-teaching churches in other parts of Harare who have offered to come alongside him and be of encouragement to him and in this church-planting work.

Pasi famAbout Nickson & Esther Pasipanodya:

Nickson and Esther were married in 2008. They have 1 daughter and 2 sons. They are both originally from the Harare region of Zimbabwe, and God has given them a burden for taking the gospel to their “home.” They are fluent in Shona and English (the languages most widely spoken in the region), and have family and friends in Harare and the surrounding area.

The Pasipanodyas have been a part of Living Hope Church since the church began in October 2009. In their 9 years at Living Hope, their desire to learn, grow, and serve has been very evident, and it has been a joy to see their progress in the faith. They love the Lord and love others! They have godly character, and their marriage and parenting is God-honouring.

Nick and Esther have served and ministered in a wide variety of ways in our church, and they have both shown themselves faithful, gifted, and increasingly skilled in ministry. They are well loved and respected, and many in our church can speak to the spiritual impact they have had in their life. Nickson was appointed as an elder of Living Hope in June 2016. Esther has also served as a Caregiver at Muphamuzi Baby Home (a Place of Safety for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies, closely connected with Living Hope Church).

Nickson graduated from Christ Seminary with a Bachelors in Theology in December 2015, and with an Honours in Theology from North West University in 2017. He is currently pursuing an MA in Biblical Counselling through Strengthening Ministries Training Institute. Esther has been studying with African Bible Training Centre (ABTC). She has completed the Bible Overview course, and is currently taking the Systematic Theology course.

We are very thankful as a church for the privilege of being able to send out a couple we can be so confident about!

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